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This one sent chills up my neck and bought a lump to my throat. What a beautiful story of extreme courage in the midst of overwhelming fear. You’ve really connected with your character, her fears and needs. I love the idea of her little brother, the painter, helping her see the world. The name of the dog was a stroke of genius! Bringing us back to the beginning and underscoring what was ahead for Lisette. Well done and thank you. Yeggy
Great story! You portrayed the character well and made us really understand her fears. Well done!
Ditto to everything Yeggy said! Only thing I would add was that I also liked the beginning where you kept us in suspense about the problem, and the word Freedom and its significance to her. Really well done! Karen
This is beautifully, beautifully written. Thank you.
Good work!
Loved this! Let me know if you want a few suggestions! Enjoyed the read as always.
What an endearing and beautiful story! You also educated me on a few challenges to blind persons that I had not thought about before.
Great job Amy! I especially liked the line about gum on a bench or jam on her cheek. Never thought about those types of limitations.
Amy, this is absolutely fantastic. You've let us fall in love with your character.
Very nice, Enjoyed this one :) nice touch with the dog's name.
Excellent. I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the winners circle. Outstanding. I only had one issue.... I think the dog's name was really forced. Sorry! Would have been better to call the dog "freedom" or tie it in some other way. But, that's a little thing in an excellent excellent story.
I loved reading this, could feel Lisette's anxiety. Agree with Maxx about the dog name though.