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The emotion is palpable here. I can see this happening so easily. I was ready to charge in and say "time out." You did great in showing that they weren't exactly "hearing" correctly.
This was an absolute brilliant write. You keep reading waiting for that "happy ending" that everyone sees in the movies. Unfortunately, in todays busy world husband and wife must understand each other enough to know they are loved and appreciated even if it's just in the wife going to the store to get groceries when she is tired of running and just wants to relax. Or the husband mowing the lawn when he comes home from a busy day at work. Though the desire is there to just spend time with each other responsibility and life often get in the way.
This was written so excellently--showing the divide that comes to marriage amid busy lives.
Amazing writing! Favorite line: Hope came to sank beside the Titanic. Excellent story!!
Ok I butchered my favorite line. "Hope sank to rest beside the Titanic."
This is so very well done! It isn't just a man/woman thing; it is, as you note, a matter of language and interpretation. Some express love by doing, some by speaking, some by touching, etc. And oh, so much is lost in translation! God help us to really HEAR!
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and the top 40 overall.