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Well-written story. Tenacity is a good word to describe this woman.
Thank goodness times have changed...for the most part. This was a beautifully engaging story. I wish it were a novel. I'd like to know how Jane makes out.
I agree. This is such a good story, I wish it were possible for you to add more.
An excellent story. I could so picture these believable characters. I was sorry when I came to the end.
Lovely characters. I loved the little details that reveal their natures (eg. oilily)and bias (eg. Teacup Talk). I wanted to shout "you go girl" at your stong female lead!
You did a fantastic job of creating these repulsive characters [Ezra and Maynard]. I wanted to go wash my hands after Ezra kissed her glove. You've filled this with emotion. Excellent!
I wanted to smash Maynard and Ezra's odious heads together. You've done a marvellous job with the characters. I loved Jane and loathed those two oily, slimy creeps. Jane rocks! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and wanted more.
I was swept away by your story. I think Maynard meant "inconceivable" rather than "conceivable" in one part. I wanted to shudder when he kissed her hand, ick. And even though I finished reading it a few minutes ago, I keep thinking how much I want the MC to make a go of the newspaper and I'm worried about her loan! Good job in bringing this reader into your characters' world.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, and would also like to read more about Jane and her child. Maynard and Ezra were so oilly and repulsvive, I wish Jane had been less polite and shown them through the door personally. Definitely keep writing.