The Official Writing Challenge
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I didn't get around to writing for the challenge this week (for all the same reasons), but had I would have been for all the same reasons! Thanks for being my spokesperson this week!
05/23/10 always seems to be "getting in the way" of our writing, and yet without it, what would we have to write about?! Well told!
first time I read this, I wanted to comment to tell you how real this felt to me- but I had to get back to an insistant toddler. this time I thought- oh yeah! I liked this and just as I hit the comment box, a whimper started from the small girl in the next room. this is all to say-- it may not be every writer's life but it's sure as heck mine.

good job, wish I could give you better feedback (more helpful) but, um, you know how this goes!
Don't be silly, a REAL writer would never tolerate a life like... "what, oh, just a minute, honey, I know mommy said that already, but this important,"...uh, where was I?
I could see this whole story, and can attest to the reality of this! :) I enjoyed the touches of humor here, too! Very nice!
Love the honesty and humour along with the interruptions, though as an empty-nester I can assure you that interruptions never quite disappear. Well done.
You mean I'm not the only one with barking dogs, ringing telephones and the many interruptions of a busy day. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed this, especially the reminder that there is always tomorrow.
I'd laugh hysterically if it weren't so true. Absolutely a writer's life. Well done, very well done indeed.