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Good poem about the two books that are so critical to life!
I would suggest you be careful to find creative rhymes that flow with the poem. A lot of the rhymes you used feel like they were "forced" to me, as a reader.
I really like your opening stanza, both gripping and interesting, perfect for drawing the reader in.
As a reader, I thought the poem was well-written. ...It's just not totally clear to me what you intended to show was being reviewed. I see us as reviewing God as the writer of the Bible and God as reviewing us as we write our own book of life.
Without the Title to give me understanding, I might not have understood where this was going at first. But the two Books you write about, The "Bible" and the "Book of Life", were not only a creative way to approach this week's Topic, but done so beautifully in poetic form. I only wish you had capitalized the First words, at least; but the smooth flow of the poem, the thoughts, the message and the creativity far outshown the petty lack of capitals. Kudos! Great job! Impressive.
Tremendous truths in this lovely poem. Loved the comparison of the two books. I agree with Benjamin about some of the rhyming seeming forced, but not enough to distract a lot from the message. However, the lack of capital letters at the beginning of each line was a distraction for me, but I tend to be OCD about punctuation and grammar - picky, picky, picky! "Normal" people won't be bothered by it, I guess. ;)