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You certainly have a Biblical basis for this wonderful poem. I love your title and these lines especially, "You are His representative -- His manuscript written with His blood." Nice thoughts in this!
Very appropriate to use the topic as an extended metaphor, and the scripture at the end really drove home your point.

I thought the new metaphor in your 4th stanza might have been slightly out of place, as it didn't fit with the imagery in the rest of the poem.

Definitely a well-crafted poem!
This was truly beautiful. Thank you.
Beautiful. I, especially, love the first paragragh and love the Scripture at the end too. Fit perfectly.
Oh, I love the imagery in this poem! The picture of being a letter from God to the world is an inspiring one.
I personally encourage poets to use punctuation - it makes a poem flow more smoothly and makes it easier to read.
Beautiful poem - keep up the good work!
I love the resolute way you completed this, implying life is in the blood, and it's because of our creator.For not having punctuation it seemed to have both postive and negative implications. Not a poet myself, I felt free to create my own pace.
A very well crafted poem. The scripture at the end tied it all together nicely. Great job.
Very lovely... vivid description... very creative. I love the idea that we are each a manuscript... written with Divine ink.
LOVE the way you used this Scripture concerning a "Manuscript" for the whole world to read -- creates a very uplifting and significant message in the Lord and encouragement, in poetic form that delivers it in a nutshell.