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I must admit this didn't grab me at first (thought it was going in the sci-fi direction), but am glad I kept reading. I found this to be fun, creative and entertaining once I got past the opening paragraphs.
It took me a bit to understand everything that was going on, but I think that's due to my tired brain and inability to sleep. As I read on the message became clearer and the poem at the end was beautiful.
My favorite part is the rice burning, I can totally relate to the one-track-mind syndrome!
Why didn't I 'get' it the first time I read it?? Every time I read it now, I think how brilliant the piece is. The specifications of a writer, illustrated in the cursive. I hope other people are better 'readers' than I am.
I had to read this a couple of times to get on the "same page" but I LOVE IT!!!

Super fun, creative and clever.

Very nice poem at the end.
I had trouble with the first few paragraphs too, trying to figure out what was going on. However, once I finally caught on, it was great and went smoothly. I think you just need to figure out something to make it clearer to the reader earlier. Really enjoyed the way you alternated this guy's assigning various character traits with snapshots of the writer's life. That worked tremendously well. And the poem at the end was an awesome finish.
Abdiel, the angel and Jezoar the Maker. That last name, when said out loud, is very clever.
A well-crafted description of how a piece writing develops, interspersed with an effective "Heaven's-eye view". I enjoyed reading this!
So many layers here, wow!

Well crafted in every way.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level and in the top 30 overall.