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This is a delightful rendition of Joseph's story. I enjoyed every word. You are quite creative, as well as a great writer.
Very creative, well written and with much truth and fun.
One of my very, very favorites this week. With your permission I will use it when telling the children about Joseph and how God uses our trials for our benefit.
This is even better the second read through. You have such talent, every week I'm more and more impressed.
A very enjoyable retelling of a familar story from a different viewpoint.
I hadn't realised the meaning of the name,(until I read the hint) which makes the story even more 'endearing'. Naming the rat after his youngest brother!!! Hope the judges are not as dumb as me!
I loved Benji's viewpoint and adventures, linked in with Joseph's life. Really excellent -- both in the writing and in the creativity angle.
I enjoyed this story from Benji's point of view. :) and with Benji's close acquaintance with Joseph, it will come in handy when Joseph begins to store all that grain. :)
What a clever, creative, well paced and well told story of this great tale from a unique point of view. Congratulations on a well deserved 1st place!
Joan, Joan, Joan . . . what a talented writer you are! How marvelously creative to weave childlike fiction with real-life biblical drama, founded on a timeless message.

Congratulations Joan, on your 1st Place Win; thank you, for entering such pleasurable reading.

Very well done! Congratulations of your well deserved win.

This would make such a delightful childrens book but adults can learn much from it as well.

Great job!
Hey Joan, Super congrats on your ribbon and Editor's Choice!
Wow, this was incredibly creative, loved it from beginning to end! So deserving of first place and your EC, congrats!
I somehow missed this one the first time around. I'm glad I got to read it now. It was such an enjoyable story.