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Interesting story.
A bit scary too. Is she going to hurt someone or herself?
I don't understand what really happened to the "father"
Kept me interested.
How sad to carry such unnecessary guilt all her life and to try unsuccessfully to hold her anger. This was an excellent character study.
There was powerful emotions present. You described how words can hurt sometimes more than hands. Great job with the emotional details, but I was slightly confused about her not coming back and having that smile on her face. I wasn't sure if maybe Martha had hurt her father and was planning on hurting the therapist; or maybe she simply forgave them. I'd enjoy reading more to find out what will happen next.
Lots of conflict and depth. Very interesting. Leaves the reader trying to really figure it all out and leaves it open enough for more than one conclusion.
This is a very intriguing story! I love the suppressed emotion and the little bit of ambiguity about what happened in her childhood. I guess she just needed to explain all that to someone--interesting! Good job.
The story held my attention for sure. But I am left a little confused at the ending. Perhaps because I want to know what really happens to the MC now. Need more words, please. : )
Taught and well written. I might be off base here, but it reminded me a bit of the movie the "Bad Seed". However, the dialogue both from the psychiatrist and the MC were masterfully paced.