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A delightful story that reminds me of Art Linkletter interviews. The more times change the more they stay the same, especially with children. This is a great, well written story.
Hilarious! Too bad more pastors don't have this kind of sense of humor.
This was fun, especially the last line. :) Good story.
Loved this: the names, the last sermon title, the "Jonah" oops and all the other fun stuff. Nice job!
Fun story and very well written.
Good story. I am surprised the audience was silent. My church would have laughed!
Absolutely hilarious! Loved every word.
Sounds like a slip of the tongue my Pastor would make - but someone would have shouted out the correction. :) Very enjoyable story.
I tried not to laugh out loud since I'm at work, but it was hard! Great job, loved the relationship between the young couple and his intentional "oops" as a way to build relationship with his congregation. Loved it!
This is a favorite...Isn't it about time you were in Masters???
This is definitely one of my favourites this week. What a great story! I just love the husband's name, "Brick". It says so much about him. The ending was a hoot.Well done, very well done indeed.

Lol! From the title to the last line, just fantastic.
I totally loved this. very good job.
What a great read - so very creative. Loved every word. That was a crazy list of parishioner types - wonder where I'd fit? Thanks for writing!