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Well-written, tender viewing of the joy and pain of breastfeeding as seen through the eyes of Jesus' mother.

Not sure why you used "Joe" instead of "Joseph". That was a little misleading for me at the beginning, making me think this story was more contemporary.
Congratulations on how you have worked natural warmth and wonder into the twist you've put on this timeless story. "Joe" is fine with me, for although this event is past history it's still changing people's lives; as it will continue to do for all the time we have left.
I loved this piece!! It makes Jesus more real. We often want to think of "Little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes..." But he was a real, living, being and seeing him at his mother's breast brings it all home. I liked the use of Joe because it shakes the reader out of the traditional Christmas story mold and puts it in a new light.
Very descriptive and tender retelling of the familiar Christmas story!
A bit of a surprise, a vey pleasant one! Blessings to you, Ruth
A familiar story that is quite wonderfully written...I'm amazed that this was written by a man! (I followed your link from the boards. :)) Well done!