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Wow, echoes of Schapelle Corby here... As an Australian, I found this piece to be both timely and telling. Well written!
Yes, it's good to listen to that "Still, Small Voice". Well written and very interesting.
Very good, well written...good theme.
Felt the tension here, actually all the way through. Glad that still small voice was there for the final word.

I loved the line, "For a moment, the sun disappeared and flecks of ice crept into the blue sky of her surfie's eyes."

And as another Australian, I identify closely with all the media attention on this very issue right now.

Praise God for the still, small voice that we experience from time to time!
Wonderful! A great read. Congratulations.
Excellent blend of writing and message. Thanks!
I knew that Surfie was no good but your style kept me reading. Congratulations on winning the challenge with your first entry to Faith Writers!
This was fantastic! I thought the surfer dude might be bad...but then I couldn't think in what way. I was hooked the entire time waiting to see why Cait was hearing the "No". Great job and congrats on the 1st place!
I can't wait to read more & more & more & more of your stories. What a huge gift God has given you. May you continue to listen to that "STILL SMALL VOICE" as HE enlarges your territory! May you always keep the "SON" in your eyes!
Very well written and an extremely enjoyable read. An obvious winner! My only suggestion would be to change the last line. I think having her cry over this is a bit unrealistic...seems more like her heart would be racing or maybe shocked & thankful? And the line--"the still small voice whispered to her soul"--didn't seem to fit--I don't think this was a whisper--more like a wake up call! But that's all just my opinion...
Great writing, congrats & God bless.
As another Australian I had a pretty good idea where this was heading, but it was still a surprise to see how you managed it. Well done! And congrats on your well-deserved win.
Deanna: I've read your
story twice and I do love it !
Great Job! I really don't know what else to say. The story was so compelling. I didn't expect the end at all.
Deb, that is SO GOOD. You told the story in a light, interesting, believable manner and ended with a bang. I loved the description of the surfer and Barbie. A well-deserved win, for sure!
You kept me guessing till the end! Great job!