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An "Excellent" well-written description of what may well happen in this country, if Christians don't start taking a real stand for God and the faith of our fathers! Well done! Thanks for writing this.
The subject matter was good, but I did not think it necessary to be hit over the head with so many brown references. If you want to reference the color try using different words that mean brown so that your reader can mentally visualize the color that you are trying to convey. One of many things that God gave us was imagination. Keep writing.
It was my intent to set an atmosphere with this piece. I intended it to be dark, without being completely devoid of be somber without being completely devoid of hope. I purposely used the word "brown" every time, in order to set the atmosphere.. but did choose to change the word for brown in one place when I used the word "sepia"...because the only thing I wanted to stand out was the Word of God.