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Really beautiful, mystical,
you skillfully brought me into the midst of a sacred moment.
Well written....a wonderfully woven picture!
Absolutely beautiful. Your meter and words painted this piece with somber strokes.
Descriptive words pregnant with meaning. Great writing.
Gorgeous alliterations...wonderful imagery. Captivating.
Perfect--your words, images, meter, and rhyme all established a moment of hushed, brown peace. Love it.
Very vivid word pictures.
What great imagery; I could see these brothers descending the swirling stairs in the watercolor light. I love your title too. All in all nicely done!
Absolutely beautiful imagery - definitely covers the topic brown. Nice job!
I enjoyed this. The pace of your poem really took me there. It fit the topic perfectly.
Nice. I liked it. The simple aa bb rhyming scheme reminds me of the life they were trying to attain. And the alliteration, repetition of 'S' and 'W', throughout proves you have skill. The pacing was quite well done, too. Slow. Methodical. Deliberate. Just like to monks themselves.I look forward to reading more from you. Keep writing.
yes, keep writing. beautiful look at the life of monks.
Perfect production of the monks life. Very thoughtful!
Blessings to you.
Coming from a non-poet, this is beautiful.
I like this! I read it twice just to be sure I 'got' it and I did. What a lovely way to set the atmosphere. I enjoyed the read!
Perfectly lovely poetry. Great job!
Very good. I did a little resaerch and learned something too. Enjoyed it.
I really, really like this! It flows so well and I could picture the scene vividly. Well done.
Your alliteration is wonderful, "solemn…somber, sober" and "metered, marshaled… medieval, mystic." I can see this (and hear this) perfectly with your creative descriptive writing. I really like this!
This one stayed with me long after the read. Just wanted to come back to say that it would have had my vote to win or place. I thought it handled the topic beautifully.
Beautifully written Jim. Having been educated in a convent I identified with the atmosphere you created. Spot on. Wow.
I haven't read anything on FW in forever and I am not sure why I happened upon this today...but OMgosh! I LOVE IT.

First of all, I adore the idea. How creative of you! But the words gave me chills. You definitely painted the picture here. I held my breath. Just lovely lovely lovely.

FINE, fine work, my friend.