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cute descriptions of how our world has changed. but please, don't take away my hard copy of the local newspaper.
Creative writing form! Things have changed a lot over the last few years, have't they?
Simply a delight to read! I have grandchildren who have all these gadgets they use and I think how much they are missing in knowing what we had when we were their age! Oh, well - progress! Very entertaining! Laura
That reminds me of one of my grandsons who is mesmerized by my record player and even my little cassette player. He thought the records were huge CD's. lol Good read.
Technology is making a wider generational gap. My 14 yr old grandson was here overnight and he has "the newest stuff" in his ears and attached to him. I was the 1st one up and in quiet time drinking my coffee, I hear alarms going off on one of his gadgets and I can't find how to turn it off.
Good play. On topic.

Very entertaining and a great tell of like it is. Unfortunately, because of this new technology, many college English and speech professors are finding their students unprepared in their communication skills.
Oh, heavens, I certainly hope I'm not explaining paper to my grandchildren someday! Haha, this was very cute.
Yeah, the world has changed tremendously... with all that gadget , so confusing!

Thanks for your fun read.