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Wonderful, wonderful story! Truly enjoyable, heartfelt, and one which should be passed down for generations! Very well written!
Not sure to comment about the content or just the writing. The writing was excellent, content was..let's just say I am very glad you met your knight in shining armour, but angel? I wish people would stop trying to fantazie scripture. Yes it's sweet and cute but not accurate. Yes I am a stickler for accuracy. If you see an angel I guarantee you won't be looking at his little wings, white or otherwise.
This is a fictional story, however, I believe my character realizes that her love is not an actual angel. She uses the term to describe this wonderful gift from God in the form of a person. I must agree with you C Clemons. We use the term angel more loosely than we should and I appreciate the reminder.
I think C Clemons is being too hard on you. All great literature is full of figurative language and it is obvious from the story you are not talking about a literal angel, but using a term of endearment for the person you love. This was a wonderfully beautiful love story and very well written. Good job and congrats!!