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I don't have a green thumb, but all of my relatives do. LOL, I would have starved to death in the fmaily portrayed here. Maybe not, I'm sure someone would crack and throw me some veggies.


May God bless!

Dan Blankenship
This made me hungry. I'll be using canned veggy soup in my meatloaf tonight but after reading this I doubt I'll be satisfied. Thank you to any local farmers out there. This family had a great work ethic and closeness that sadly seems to belong to yesteryear. Well written. Keep up the good work, in the garden and at the keyboard.
Wouldn't it be nice in the world we live in today, to have families such as you describe in this very nicely written story. There really is only one negative I would mention, only because I have this trouble myself. In the first paragraph, you begin at least three sentences with "On the." I find in my own writing that I need to constantly be aware that I am being repetitious. Good writing! Laura
Thanks to everyone for your comments. Laura, thanks for your advice. This story goes back to the seventies about my own family. Back then I was the young mother, now I'm the grandmother.
What a thoroughly interesting and substantial story. Loved the nostalaga of a lovely family working together on the land. Great! Colin
Having grown up on a farm, I could relate to this family. Enjoyed the writing style.