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Thank you for sharing your personal blue story. Been there but doubt I could've expressed it as simply & eloquently as you have. Good job.
Thanks for that, I understand what it is to be totally and utterly incpacitated with depression. I also know what it is to feel that there's something wrong with your life to make you feel that way. I can only praise God that He has given you an answer to your problem.
Thank you for this story. It is a sad thing when people make you feel worse about depression. Unless someone has experienced it, they can not begin to understand. It's horrible when people think they are "helping" by telling you to get over it, but the person only makes you feel worse.
I am glad that you were led to the right physician to help you get thru your valley. Being Christian does not exclude us from valleys. But being equipped with God's word certainly will help. Remember the shadows have no substance, the enemy uses smoke and and mirrors trying to trip us up. Psalm 23.
You've described the despair and hopelessness of depression really well. If this is a personal experience you're relating, and I think it must be, it comes from the heart, then I admire you for being so open and honest. This article, with it's message of hope and recovery will be a blessing to anyone in the grip of a depressive illness.