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Powerful! Harsh, realistic, cruel, desperate.
I could see the red everywhere as your descriptions were so vivid. The contrast of Jesus Blood/red and the sleezy/red really worked in this thought-provoking piece.

From the title to the last line you had me! Great Job!
WOW! You had me choking back tears for Rosa, first in pain, then in rejoicing.

Beautifully done! Realistic.
Wow. Uh, wow, again. Very powerful and descriptive writing. Great, raw imagery and emotion throughout. If this isn't EC...I'll just leave it at that.
From the onset I was hooked with this powerful telling of Rosa's life. This story felt authentic in every way. I expect to see this in the winners circle. Great job.
Gritty and authentic voice that truly captivates the reader. Well done!
Very bold, from the title to the details of the story. Always just enough to tell the story, without being overly crude and vulgar about it. That is a lost art among Christian writers. Very well done.
Bold and vivid. This is well written and held my attention. Two thumbs up.
Knew this was EC material. Glad to see it was on the list.
Oh, my... your writing in this story is so powerful... it took my breath away. The stark contrast between Rosa's life in the red-light district, and then her transformation through the blood of Jesus...just superb. Congratulstions on being Highly Commended and your EC.
That would be congratulations.
I'm late reading this, but it was worth the wait! Your descriptions, the spiritual imagery, the powerful beginning and end--all terrific! Congratulations on your win! :)