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Cute and clever story--I never would have thought of this for the topic!

I couldn't quite place it in time; the girl seemed to use teen slang from several different decades. And watch the spelling of "copacetic" and "gross".

Having raised two teens, I think you nailed it on how the smallest thing can seem like a mountain. This would be a good read for a junior high youth group.
Very nice story! Loved the title :) You did a great job at capturing the agony a teenager feels...I remember having meltdowns like that and feeling like it was the end of the world!
I really enjoyed reading this painfully true-to-teenage-life story! Good descriptive wrting and your conversations were realistic.

I particularly liked the following "bits":

*“It’s huge,” she wailed. “It’s bright red and as big as Mt. St. Helens and I think it’s about to blow. It wasn’t there last night. I guess it’s a zit.”

Mom surveyed the mountain Melanie had made out of her molehill. She took Melanie’s hands in her own."*

*"The giggle Mom tried to hold back slipped out and Melanie caught it."*

I look forward to reading more of your work! :)

A very creative piece dealing with a very common issue. Clever use of Mt. St. Helens to describe achne. I'm going to let my teen read this one.
Your precise details made it easy to see the scenes set before us.

Good job capturing the emotions that run so high with teenage girls. Aaaahhh! A pimple can ruin everything!!

Some of Melly's vocabulary may have seemed slightly out of place... maybe a longer version would fully reveal her as a witty sarcastic person. Hard to fully develop her personality in a short story.

Amusing story-- an unusual choice for the subject! You did a great job with the patient wise mom.
I like your story. It's a unique approach to the topic for the week. I'm not really getting Melanie's slang, though. Is she attempting to make fun of old slang, or what's going on?