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Good use of rhyming words here - harlot-scarlet, sees us-Jesus. Love the message and the contrast of red with white in the last stanza.
Very nice poem..Thank God for the Blood of Jesus..
I agree with the previous commenter about outstanding rhymes...I'm always delighted with an unexpected rhyme. Nice use of the theme word.
Nice poem a little creative license of scripture however, never a good idea because people tend to believe what they read without checking the source.
Great rhyme. Just not sure I agree with the next to the last stanza when it comes to hermeneutics(interpreting and explaining).
I agree that your rhymes are top notch. But I disagree that you stretched the meaning of bible passages. I enjoyed your poem.
I did make one mistake that I noticed after the poem went online-I should have called Isaac the "promised" son...I forgot about Ishmael.
I think the poem flowed nicely, I only made the comment about "creative license" because the only truth about the seeing red was in the last two stanzas of the poem. If I am wrong please provide scripture that Christ's robe was red.
II Chronicles chapter 2 verse 7 refers to the temple adornment ordered by King Solomon to be purple, crimson and blue...crimson which symbolizes sacrifice

Matthew 27:27-29 is where the Roman soldiers were mocking Jesus by placing a robe of scarlet upon Him prior to the crown of thorns...a mockery of the claim that Jesus was the King of the Jews, because scarlet was considered to be a color for royalty

I truly understand, dear c. that you have a heart for the accuracy of the scriptures... I have made a point to go back and read almost every thing you have posted on FW and your love for the Savior is so very evident, and the theological truths you reveal in your entries are so deep... that I can in no way fault you for questioning, and am happy to provide the scripture references that will ease your mind. Love your sister in Christ, Lisa
Thank you.