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Good writing. This piece left me feeling a little sad. I think alot of mom's will be able to relate to this. A mother's unconditional love for her children and how much they give even after they leave the nest! Well done.
Good writing. I feel a little for the Mom though, she is underappreciated even by her husband. But maybe that was what you wanted to convey to the reader.
You've captured this woman's life with the humorous times and the demanding moments, even for an empty-nester. I could relate to much of this. I enjoyed your story. Nice work! (Our entries share a few similarities this week. :) )
I know dear, but it keeps him occupied...LOL! I could so relate to this having my dad around the house all the time now. Well written with a clear message!

A quick critique -

Sometimes it was hard to tell when the mother was describing her family to the reader and when she was having her own private thoughts.

Otherwise, very good story that I'm sure many can relate to.
Poor mom. We can relate to her and you managed to handle this subject skillfully. Some days are better than others, aren't they? You write well and I enjoyed this one particularly. Hugs!
Your MC reminds me of my mother-in-law. She enjoys it, though. :) I don't know whether to feel sad for this mom, or not. Which ever, it's clear that she loves her children and they love her. Very nice writing, you left me thinking.
This could've been titled, A Mother's Work is Never Done. They are always needed, sought out, and typically, underappreciated. Your MC took it all in stride with a natural grace. Fantastic!
Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm fifty years old, and I still call my Mom for special recipes!!! Loved this story.
Come to think of it... my Mom doesn't know how to e-mail either.
Chrissy, It's nice to see how love can overcome frustration, and other things, too. Nice work.