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I enjoyed the flow of this beautiful poem!
Beautifully written. Smooth flowing with one thought leading onto another in a natural progression.

I also love that the stanzas themselves form a representative shape of a butterfly flying across the page.

Well thought out and very well done.

Cute little butterfly symbol at the very bottom too - very clever.
Very creative presentation and wonderfully written. Well done!
Ooo, I like this. Lovely poem and I liked the style with the dream lines inbetween each stanza.
This is very good! Smooth and refreshing, Like spring!
Very clever formatting. I particularly liked the transitions between the verses
Took me awhile to follow your hint! hehe Just looking at the format of your entry, it's so clean and appealing that you should place high on that alone! It's beautifully written and is a wonderful addition to your body of work! Kudos. Big time!!
Yes, the formatting works well. This is one among many delightful images. 'Gone is the coldness of a long dreary winter,/Finest décor softened each frosty splinter…'I did find the times when you chose not to rhyme jolting and disconcerting in what started out as a rhyming poem: existence/assurance and Dreams/wings. Good to see that you are back in the headspace where you are able to create poetry again. :-)
Beautiful and reminds me so much that the two words "dream" and "hope" are so often the same in one's heart.
It may have been awhile but you haven't lost your touch. Your poem is beautiful
Beautiful in so many ways. Loved the "to dream... is" transitions. Loved the images of spring. Most of all loved that the MC was a butterfly! I really didn't catch that until the end, but it was a sweet, sweet surprise.
Simply lovely! And I really like the butterfly at the bottom-too cute!
I like the clever surprise at the end. The imagery and transitions make the poem special.
Chrissy, I loved your poem. :-)