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The more I read, the more I cared about your MC--and I wanted to read more. Thumbs up to you.
This was a very creative take on this topic. You really captured the artist's love for the Lord. Well done.
What a wonderful story of a life lived up to its last minute for the Lord. Very well done
This story called out for more. Really good.
Very creative story.
You captured the sense of commitment very well. I was half expecting your MC to take off his (or her) socks and starting sketching with his toes!
What a powerful few words! I love your MC's faithful determination.
You didn't disappoint with this entry! It's superb!
Such a moving, heart-wrenching story! It made me want to know the background... but I think the lack of details (about where this takes place, etc.) makes it more powerful, more universal. Well done!
A masterful piece of writing and an imaginative take on the topic.
Almost haunting, and truly inspiring. I loved the lines about the butterflies and fireflies... perfect.
Wonderfully done. There was a neat kind of peaceful quality to this. Made for a nice read.
WOW! This is excellent. What a message!
What a great example of sacrificial love, both on the part of the mc and of Jesus. Beautifully creative entry.
Creative take on the topic...well written...well done!
Wow, this was way out of the box! Just beautiful. Loved it...