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I could visualize the whole scene, so beautifully did you describe it.
This was picture-perfect. Your strong-descriptive words were vivid and clear. I also enjoyed the contrasts (a picture within a picture). The message was good as well.
This is wonderful and such a blessing to read. The last paragraph particularly is awesome! Many thanks.
WOW is all I cna say. This could be a story type devotion. What an impact it had on me. This lifted my eyes to see the Lord in the midst of darkness and gloom. Praise God.
I wrote something a little similiar to this this time, noticing a lone fire fly light up in a backyard after 4th of July celbrations had come to a close.
Then one by one it seemed as if the whole place lit up with the glory of God, as a yard full of little beacons flashed their tiny lights, in a "Small Shining Revelation"-2nd level.
Thank you for writing this piece hon. Congratulations on your win too. You deserved it.
Thanks for so vividly conveying your meaningful experience. Congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC and Level 1st Place for this wonderfully-written, insightful piece!

My favorite paragraph:

"Within moments I stood before an unsightly art exhibit; a painted backdrop of multi-shades of grays, mossy greens, and black hues flaunting the deepest, darkest, murkiest waters conceivable. Interestingly, much of the foliage in the background was clothed in green attire, but the trees closest to the murky waters seemed victimized by a premature winter; dead trunks with brittle and decrepit branches reaching up from a stagnant quicksand pond."
Hearty congratulations! I think devotional pieces are extremely difficult to write well, and they often turn out to be dull, predictable, even downright boring! This totally broke the mould for me. Your descriptions were vivid and the application was spot on and not over done. Well done!
Because I am a lover of nature, this piece really drew me in. Great, great job of depicting the two pictures and bringing them to life for the reader. And the message was superb. Congrats on your win.
First place in Advanced! Look at you, my Friend! Congratulations. I loved the descriptions and message you presented. Excellent writing.