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I loved this bit of Irish fun. The ending was perfect.
Absolutely delightful. I was reading it in a TERRIBLE Irish brogue - but only because that's the only kind that will stay in my head :) So fun!
Ah, the epitome of the slippery morality slope--the leprachaun! All for a bit of fun, right? Nope! Mischief is not just for laughs.
A wee bit of fun, to be sure! :) I love the way you put the words together, very "visual" and enjoyable.
I loved this one, Gregory! Grabbed my attention, for sure.
The ending is just too great!
Delightful! This made me think of one of my favorite childhood movies, "Darby O'Gill and the Little People."

I truly enjoyed reading this and the ending was perfect.
What a fun romp! I couldn't wait to see how it was going to end, but I should have guessed! Oh, that crafty leprechaun...:) Very well done!
Very entertaining. Good job with writing the dialect--that's not easy to do.
This is really cute. And thanks for the glossary, cause I was clueless on a couple words. Great dialect.