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A great reminder that if we are willing to listen, God wants to speak to us. Nicely done.
This reminded me a little of the late "Joan of Arcadia" TV show, where "God" showed up in unusual ways through unusual people. Great way to teach great lessons. Good job on this story!
Well done.
This was a little too familiar. ;)
I especially like the first two paragraphs..clever and witty.
Nice tie-in to the True Bread!
I like this take on the topic. I could feel the frustration of your MC and I think she got a lesson in patience as well. Nicely done.
I liked the messages the characters kept giving the MC. Good work.
Nice job! I think that's on my list of commandments too. Ugh, I can't stand smushed bread.

It's hard to hear the Lord when we are wrapped up in self-pity, I know that too well too, sadly.

Thank you for the wonderful message.
Great message and I like the way the message was delivered throughout the MC's day, especially the church scene. I enjoyed the humor in the story as well. I could I relate to the MC's pet peeve. There's one store in town I won't go to because of that very thing...hmmm...I may need to ponder this message a little longer.
I really enjoyed your story. I liked your 11th commandment;it's one of mine, too. You did an excellent job of showing how we can focus our day on one little irritating event, as well as showing how God deals with our self-centered hearts.
Great message...well done!
Hmmm...I'll try this again. Just left a comment here, but the cyber-gremlins devoured it, I guess! Anyway, great illustration of the topic. Love the humor and the important message! Well done.
Great way to show how God often uses people to speak to us when we need a good "talking to" about our attitudes. Nicely done.
This was a good reminder of how the Lord speaks truth into our lives if we look for Him to speak.
Isn't it crazy how the little things in life bother us so much? I could definitely relate to this woman's obsession with the minor problems of her day. I love how you injected so many bread scriptures into this, and the ending was perfect. Good job with this!
I really enjoyed this story and the message it contains! Also, your descriptions of her shopping trip were hilarious! :)