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I'm laughing out loud at this piece. Good work.
You should have seen how BIG my eyes were when I read the part about the tire tracks. Boy, did I NOT see that coming. What a great take on an age-old story. Well done!
Oh, poor tortoise. I didn't see that coming. This is cute, and I loved the message.
Loved the twist! It made me snort out loud.
Not a flop at all! It had me laughing and I read it to my kids, who all love Aesop. And it makes me wonder how would his stories have been different if motor cars had existed back then?
This is GREAT! What a creative, modern-day fable with a powerful message! I loved how the race started with the honk of the goose, and the part about the bunny cheerleaders was too funny! :) The twist at the end was a surprise that packed a punch! I loved it!!
This is SO not a flop! I love it! What a great funny. LOL
This was great. I loved the shocking ending. I was casually reading along expecting the same ending, and then wham the poor turtle is dead. I think a story is great when it picks you up and throws you somewhere else.
I liked your beginning and ending of a marriage story very much. It was really a nice touch to have the MC's son keep her from being chilled as her husband had done.
ooooooooooooops. (red face) comment on wrong story!
Well, in my book the tortoise still won. He got to heaven before that near-do-well rabbit : )
I like your new tortoise/hare tale. Good job!
I feel sorry for the turtle--I'm always sad when I see one along the side of the road. But you certainly gave this familiar story a very creative twist!
Oh, poor Terrence. I wasn't expecting the twist. Great message.
This was terrific- very creative and funny.
awwwwww, you GOT ME!!! You absolutely blow me away with your writing! Brilliantly hilarious and clever.
I LOVE IT! You definitely got me with the twist at the end. The message is so appropriate for our time as I think many will be as just unaware as the tortoise.
HAHA! I'm reading and thinking that this story is going to end exactly like the classic fable did, and then you totally caught me off guard with the hilarious ending. You had a great lesson of your own tucked into your unique spin of this classic fable.
Oh my goodness.:0) Poor little hard shell guy.:0) Got your message in this cute piece and I loved it and your humor is right on.:0) Nice job.