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I can see those boys, the tree, the watermelon... good visuals. good writing. cute story.
Very entertaining...I could see the boys in my mind. Great story!
This was a charming story with a lot of untapped potental. Look at the excellent description in your opening paragraph. But thereafter you fall back into dialogue, albeit colourful and well crafted. Rather than submit your story so early in the week, why not take a day or two to let it develop, allow the characters a little more time to come into their own? Have a think about it. Cheers, Gregory
Good use of this week's theme. I do agree with Gregory...the dialogue was intriguing but a little more mixture of diagogue and narration would have been good too. I did like the voices of the kids.
I like the idea of the tree eavesdropping...very clever!
Interesting read for the hot and cold with superpowers! Glad to read something different for this topic with a less serious tone.
What a cute story! Love your very real and hilarious dialogue between the two boys. Also love the idea of the tree eavesdropping.
This was a really cute story. I loved the voices of the boys. It would seem those two rascals get into their share of trouble. Nicely done.
Very cute! Love this entry.
Thanks for sharing.
Ya know, I never actually gave much thought to how we can blow cold air and hot air out of one mouth. Most people who know me think I am just full of hot air though. :)

I liked your story. I wish it had been a bit longer, because I was just starting to get into the boys and their adventures. What you wrote iss good though. Thanks for sharing.
How funny - I tried it - you're right, it does blow and hot and cold:) Who knew? lol. Very cute story.