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This is a wonderfully encouraging story. I love the way you brought out the fact that believers can overcome any obstacle when they just remember they are "children of the King."
It is always so encouraging to be reminded that I am a child of the King!!! Well written entry and a wonderful story of overcoming.
Extremely well-written...I really wanted more of the story presented in the first third or so. Very compelling characters.
Very good writing, but I want to know more. I felt like I didn't really get to know the characters, and I really wanted to. Maybe the word limit kept you from being able to expand on them. But again, excellent writing.
Enjoyed reading this well-written story.
The word limit didn't limit your ability to share this story of love, hope and purpose. Well written.
"Mother lived her sermon." If only we all could do as well. Loved the challenge to us as believers. Well done.
I loved the sermon that was lived rather than preached. What an impact that faithful mother had on her sons.
I did wonder if they were just a little too perfect as boys, never complaining their shoes hurt, etc. But maybe I can't see beyond my own back yard in this. :)
A great rags to riches story, but with the twist that they keep their eyes on true riches. Well done.
This story just moved right along. I liked the pace of it, as though Jesse had a job to do and he wasted no time in getting to it.
I love this little family! Very encouraging and inspiring characters in this story. A pleasure to read.
I am sure one day we will learn how many children came into the kingdom through a prayer of a dedicated mother or grandmother.
I really enjoyed this article. Well done.
I hope you expand on this. That word limit is a pain sometimes, isn't it? Wonderful message.
Great story. I loved how the boys followed in their mother's footsteps. They not only caught the message of Jesus' love as youngsters, but they held onto it and then passed it along. Don't we all hope for this in our children? Good job.