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This is really very good. Thank God for a husband who prays; and keep those 'love reserves' open.
Amen. I know what ya mean about the depth of love reservoirs. Very nice. God bless ya, littlelight
I liked the comparison of the "easy love" vs. "the love reserves" Very creative.
Ah, I can definitely identify!! This is very well done. My favorite line: "With my Love Reserves well stocked and my Easy Love once again in full bloom, the World is a better place."

Sweet! Glad you replenished those love reserves and even more glad we have a God who willingly gets us out of the rouble we get ourselves into. Very well done!
Very nice! Reminds me of too many trips my husband and I have been on. Thanks for sharing!
nice story ... captures a familiar family scene.
Wow! Before I read your story and the comments by others I thought I was the only wife who had these feelings! Usually, though, we are trying to pitch a tent and cook a meal with sundown, and mosquitoes, rapidly approaching! Well done!
Wow Pat! Were we ever on the same wave length last week. This is really great! I guess great minds think alike LOL
A great story, Pat. Hope it encourages us all to pray more. I know I need to.