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LOL - can totally relate, since I live on Michigan's west side too. Have been to the Palace a few times (but never with a car full of women) :-) I could relate though because I have gotten lost even in my own neighborhood (ok, maybe not exactly in my neighborhood, but close to home, anyway). My husband thinks it's pretty funny how directionally challenged I am. And and so do I -- after I find my way home! Thanks for sharing your adventure - gotta love those Michigan turn-arounds!
Blessings, Lynda
I have rarely been to Michigan--but I don't think turn arounds very easy for a semi-(LOL) Sounds like a wonderful trip regardless! God bless ya, littlelight
I enjoyed reading this entry and especially the last paragraph. Such articles help us to renew our faith and keep us in touch with the way the Lord works. Thanks for sharing.
A fun story of adventure, even though I personally dislike driving on interstates for just the reasons you mentioned!!! I can just see the convoy of gals parading down the road - going the wrong way. :-)
nice job! So, umm, do women have trouble asking for directions, too?
'an ugly creature from inside me emerged and started smacking the navigator with the map…much to the enjoyment of the car following.' LOL. Loved the human touch. Brave woman, travelling with so many navigators. A well told story.