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I really loved being able to see into the heavenly hosts in response to things happening on earth, but I would love to have seen more of a demonstration of how the angels helped Pastor Peter during and after the fast...not simply showing up on the scene to ask him how they could help. And...was Peter privy to the Kingdom Times? You have some strong dialogue and some good set-up here, but just need to develop the storyline a little more tightly in order to keep the reader from being confused. Keep writing, my friend, and you will keep leaping forward in great strides!
I was most struck by the line, "It’s time for the both of you to make sure that every part of My Word is fulfilled in their lives according to their testimony and the measure of their faith.” I pray that we have faith as a grain of mustard seed to move the "Spiritual Mountains" and be so rewarded by the Lord. A good call to be vigilent in prayer and service to our God.