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You did the coldness of the machine voice very well. Interesting way of attacking the theme. Well done.
Very interesting... hmmm...
I've not read anything quite like it. It's good.
Oooohh - very clever. Definitely a unique take on the topic. I was engaged all the way through, and enjoyed this read immensely.
Oh so clever! What a delightful imagination you have, and WONDERFULLY told.
You haven't lost your touch, for sure. This is out-of-the-box creative on the topic and has a wonderful message.
What more can I add - agreed to all of the above. :)
I'm glad I read between the lines of your hint. This was good Mr Hoomi... but then, that's exactly what I expected. Loved it.
okay, seems as though my reading of Hoomi's hint wasn't as good as I thought. This is actually Peter Stone's entry. Well, doesn't change anything... I still think it's great. Sorry Peter and Hoomi.

Now, Hoomi, I'll go and read your challenge entry now.
I'm usually not much of a sci-fi fan, but this drew me right in. What a unique take on the topic, and very well written!
I like! Very creative.
Very creative, indeed!