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A beautiful message, beautifully written. :)
This is so good, an excellent commentary on society's focus on the gift received rather than the love given. I liked the sudden aside into Heaven as it gave your story that unique twist that made it rise above other more predictable commentaries. Yet I wasn't entirely convinced by the Father's reaction. How many times must our eternal, all-knowing God have shaken his head at our selfishness? It seemed to evoke a sense of surprise in God when a token of weary acceptance might have served better. Ponder it. But nevertheless a definite pleasure a read.
Just beautiful. I love the "angelic interruption." An excellent reminder and commentary on our culture.
Truly felt for your MC in the first part of this story. Could see what she saw through your words and felt her disappointment.

For some reason, I lost that intimate connection with the heavenly scene. Maybe something to do with the focus being shifted from her troubled family to a larger world view? Then again, that's just my opinion.

Otherwise, I love the story and very much appreciated the ending.
Your title expresses your story perfectly. I love your endin, where the shared appreciation of God's gift shines. This is a story to convict and to remind of where our focus for Christmas should be.
I liked it. Great message....wonderful writing. Well done!
Loved this line, especially, "She turns to look into the eyes of her husband and meets sunshine. She reaches for his hand and closes her eyes."

And I really, really liked the message and seeing that others still believe! Loren
You did a great job reminding us what the season is really all about. Love the glimpse into Heaven as well. I enjoyed this read.
Fantastic piece...What a somber commentary on "the body". Sad, but true.
Very well written message!
It is sad to see what Christmas has become to so many people. This story is a very important reminder of Who we need to focus on during the holiday season.

The POV shift confused me for a moment, but then I was able to catch on to what was happening.

I think this is a message that needs to be heard. I appreciate you sharing it.