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I LOVE the voice of this witty story! And the ending is word perfect...Daria's going to give their practicality a real challenge, isn't she? Cute title--sounds like the lyric of a great country song.
Cute, practical and ever-so-true to those economical folks that practice what they preach. We sure could use some of this in our world today! Eh? Brilliant writing, as usual; and very unique and creative, which is your cup of tea, as usual. Kudos!
I love it! Especially the last line. Very well worded, and the professor/husband's practical personality came through in his dialog. Great entry!
Excellent characterization especially - and that ending is perfect. Fun piece.
Wow, I was really caught up in this character's life and emotions. Great job. :)
Brilliant writing, (as usual!) The characters were expertly portrayed. I do think there is a small corner in every woman's heart, even the most practical and the most self-sacrificing women, that needs to be soft, feminine and cherished. It was gorgeous that her husband cottoned on to this just as the yearning was awakening in her.
This was a delight to read from start to finish. Well done.
What a fun read to start my morning off! I love the voice, and the ending is priceless. Good for little Miss Daria.
This was so much fun. Really enjoyed from start to finish. :)
Her new bling, indeed! Inside every female chest, beats the heart of a diamond lover...whether she knows it or not! At some point, there is always an "awakening"! LOL.
Loved this light-hearted and totally fun-to-read story.
Very delightful! I can totally relate and now have the diamond eternity righ to prove it!!
Loved this and saw a bit of myself in it from time to time. Isn't it strange when you try not to think of something, you see fragments of it everywhere? Maybe it is God's way of trying to tell us something; and maybe blings are not such a bad thing after all.
Love it! You brought tears to my eyes with the end... her husband surprising her like that. :)
What more can I add? This was great writing, and a terrific story.
Well done Lisa--well done!
This was AWESOME...what a perfect title, and great characters. Loved this =)
I really love your writing style. I guess it has just the right amount of humor and sarcasm to really appeal to me, and you manage to inject it in almost all of your challenge entries.

I kind of sensed the ending to this coming. I wasn't entirely sure if he would end up disappointing her with another practical gift or if he would break down and buy her something nice, but I leaned more towards the nice gift as I kept reading,

Thank you for sharing your fun sense of humor with all of us.
Ha! That's so me, but I do have pierced ears. Two holes, in fact! Excellent work - a well-deserved win!
This made me want to laugh and cry at once.. I can identify with the whole piece... CONGRATS on a much deserved win!
Now I'm hooked on your writing. Love the style. This one was really cleverly written. Congratulations on your ribbons!
Lisa, Congratulations on your wins--what a cute story--you know how I love your writing. Thanks for being there as a great example.
Loved the creativity of your story and the practical vs. sentimental. There is certainly room for both. Congratulations!
Excellent entry! You played with our emotions a tad, but in the end, hubby turned out to have the right stuff. Congratulations on your EC!