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There is great truth in this poem. I agree with you!
I agree with you wholeheartedly, Author of this entry. I strongly dislike cards with Santa and sleighs, or other useless messages. A Christmas card, when sent, should bear a strong message of the true meaning of Christmas; otherwise it is just a waste of postage and a lost opportunity, not to mention a total waste of time...God bless you...Helen
We're of one mind and accord. I've often been disappointed by some of the cards I've received from believers. Blessings,
Er, is it okay to disagree with the above?

Great poem, well structured, with a positive message. But I find most Christmas cards with traditional manger scenes just as tame and boring as those with pictures of children playing in the snow. Moreover such cards are dime a dozen - in both senses. Humorous cards tend to cost more yet produce a definite reaction - they say to the recipient that the sender values them enough to send a card that raises a smile.
I think that what's much more important is what you write inside the card.
Two favorite lines: "I want to share the joy I sense, with every card like this -" and "Choose a card that declares the truth;".

First of all, THANK YOU for not saying THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!! I know it is a good, catchy phrase, but it is sooooooo over done! Bravo to you on stating the same concept with flair and freshness.

Second, as a bah-humbug, I needed to be reminded of the joy that I should have at this time of remembering the incredible incarnation (even if Jesus wasn't really born this time of year at all and I'm dead tired and hopelessly broke). It is about my heart and my relationships. I can and should still have joy and not spoil others' joy.
This sounds like something I could have written (Had I a talent for writing poems.) I love getting cards of all kinds, but I take time to choose a card that touches my heart with the true meaning of Christmas. Great job!
Well spoken, well written. Good job. :)
An awesome message. Last year I had to ask a store clerk for help finding a box of Christmas cards with Jesus instead of Santa. It made her smile, and together we found ONE box amidst the Santas.
Loved this and its message. Trying to put Christ back in Christmas has been a struggle for years, but maybe this year, with the economical turmoil people will see the real reason for the season. Great job!
Although the phrase "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" has become a bit overused it is something we need to process and your poem does well to point this out...
I really agree with the sentiments in your verse, I have been so disillusioned with cards that it has been a few years since I've even bothered with them, but yet I really enjoy receiving them. I guess I need to do something about that. Thanks for the nudge.
You really gave something to think about. Thanks!
Hi Chrissy,
Well done, friend. The Christmas season is a golden opportunity to proclaim the glad tidings "which shall be to all people...a Savior!"

Thank you, too, for finding my recent short story and taking time to leave a comment. It is much appreciated!