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A delightfully down to earth and true-to-life type dialogue - almost making the reader feel they're right there at the table with the guys. I must admit I was lost with all the who's, what's, where, etc at the beginning; but when I got the hang of "who was who" & "What was what" - it flowed, made sense, and was absolutely a delight to read with it's "Classic" twist thrown in for good measure. You gotta give those male-counterparts a hand for "quick thinking" and "smooth talkin", eh? And Kudos to the Writer! (*.*)!
Love the banter here, and the atmosphere. Definitely a creative take on the topic. I enjoyed this read very much.
I wasn't sure if I'd be able to follow this because I don't know anything about playing cards, but I did, and enjoyed it too. I even got Ken to pause the Redskins game to read it, and he thought it was great too. Great creative writing.
"What a wimp?" Too cute—they all run out to be wimps in the end. This was hilarious.
Well, the sure way to get me to love a story is to start with a quote by the best writer of all! And the rest of this has the sort of wit that Twain would enjoy--great characters, superb dialogue, and a tad of an attitude. LOVE it!
This is fantastic writing! It's such a creative spin on the topic, humorous, and engaging.
This was fun, I really enjoyed the end. I like putting a twist at the end, though mine are sometimes pretty predictable, unlike this one.
Thoroughly entertaining and masterfully crafted. Could have sat in on that poker school for hours.
Only one thing - can't quite work out if there's a moral here that I'm missing or if it's just a load of fun and banter.
I know nothing about the game, but that didn't stop it from being one of the most entertaining entries I've read. Loved it!
Great job of putting the reader at the table. Wonderful writing. I loved this humorous piece. Thanks for making me smile.
Love the easy conversation among the players, love the atmosphere you painted. Love it all. Two thumbs up.
Loved the play on WORDS.. here and the dialogue was superb.. very creative entry..thanks much.
Really enjoyable. Great characterizations. :)
I like Riley - I don't think he's namby-pamby at all. And how like men not to back him up. ;) A delightful story.
Very creative! I liked the unique take on the topic. Nice job! :)
Congratulations on your 1st place EC win. Fantastic!
Congratulations indeed. Very well done.
Congratulations, Congratulations and One More Time! Terrific and well deserved! I loved it, and the Judges followed suit. Great job Lisa - and a wonderful, comical and well written story. Kudos!!
Very funny and creative take on the topic. Effectively leaves you wondering about this Riley character. Congratulations on your 1st place. EXCELLENT!
Excellent story - well done on placing first.
Absolutely delightful! Sooooo (and I do mean soooo) well written.
I never read any of your entires before, so I'm glad I came back for this topic and got to read yours. Congrats on double placing.
Your delightfully creative story is definitely worthy of all kinds of honors!
No gambling needed here, a winner before the cards are ever dealt! Way to go and congratulations on your win, I truly enjoy your writing style and the ensuing messages.
What a fun, original story -- the card player in me relates! :) Congratulations on a well-deserved win.
Lisa--Super congrats on your EC! I love this!!
What an original, fun, and creative take on the topic. Congrats on your win.