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This is such a sweet wonderful story and a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing.
This story is very sweet. What an original idea! The long sentences made it a little tough to read in parts, but all in all, this is a well written, touching story.
This is a wonderful idea. I hope the right people read it and are helped through this very hard season. In fact, maybe this is a good idea for my husband this year since he lost his mom. Thank you:)
Excellent entry. I'll start this in memory of my dad.

I've been doing something similar since my children were little. For months I search for one ornament for each child, my husband, and myself, that represents something significant or special that took place that year. After the tree is decorated, I unveil the new ornaments and everyone hangs theirs. Our Christmas tree has become a family history. Every year as I unwrap the ornaments I walk down memory lane, crying and smiling.

Thanks for giving me another ornament to shop for.
Love this tradition!
I liked the part about how the ornament practically jumped out of the box at you!
Very nicely done.
What a lovely tradition! I also found that celebrating my late husband's life is a great way to honor his memory and it gave me solace, too. (Every year on his birthday, we find a special person or fund raiser to contribute a donation to in his name. It truly does help to heal the grief!) And at Christmas, we put up his bachelor "Charley Brown" tree and it shines with love!
Great job sharing a part of your heart! I think you could focus on one particular scene to make it stronger - like eating at the Cracker Barrell and thinking about all the things leading up to that moment, and make the finding of the ornament the climax. Then quickly bounce to the end and the "Merry Christmas, Dad." That's my suggestion, but it's still a very well-done piece. :)
I think this message can canvas more than just Christmas tradition. It's an incredible way to honor those we love. Thank you.
What a sweet story, and a lovely memorial idea...well done.
I love this story! God is so awesome!
Next month when thoughts of my mom surface at Christmas, I plan on following your beautiful example. Hugs, Rita