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I love this story. The description of two very different lives is real and moving. I could feel the MC's struggle of stepping outside his comfort zone to do something good. Been there. I'll think of this story when I hear "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" this Christmas season. Hopefully I'll be willing to take a risk and help someone in need who "accidentally" crosses my path. Excellent writing. Thanks.
I've had conversations like this myself. I hate when I miss opportunities because of fear or laziness.
Very powerful entry with provoking questions. As a single woman, I often feel hindered in my desire to help the homeless, so I definitely relate. Excellent writing!
This story really touched me. I so wanted the pair to still be there when the woman returned, but the opportunity was gone. So often we miss the chance to serve Jesus by helping those He loves. Great story and wonderful writing.
I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I saw a parallel to the story of Mary and Joseph looking for a room and being turned away.

This was superbly written. I felt the internal struggle of the MC. One of my favorites that I have read so far.
You painted a vivid picture of fear causing one to miss opportunities. This well written story serves as a strong reminder of our need to listen when our heart tells us to do something.
Interesting. I can feel my neck bristle at the unknown, yet wonder about the man too.
Well written.
Wow! Excellent writing. You've made this so real. The contrasts are so well-presented (the baking smells, the laundry smell, the merry carols, against the man with stark "charcoal" drawing-type image of the man and his dog.)