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LOL! Great job - totally pulled me into the story....some tense moments there!
The last line didn't quite jive, but the rest was super in my books. Well done.
Love the banter - great characterization with just the dialog (not easy to do - I know!). I wasn't crazy about the last line, but the rest was great.
Very good suspense. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next bit of dialogue.
Oh my, I laughed and laughed about the "my ears are bleeding" line after hearing Kum By Yah. I SO agree--that song should be banned permanently from the earth.

Funny, funny piece. Maybe a bit of a fizzle toward the end, but a really cute skit--I enjoyed it a lot.
Shiver... I don't like elevators, and now I hope I never hear one SNAP!
I enjoyed the suspense, but I have to agree with some of the others regarding the last line. I was looking for something more. Otherwise it was a nice skit.
Very cute. This was a fun, easy read. I really enjoyed it and could picture the whole thing.
I could see this all playing out. It works well as a skit. Nice job.
This was awesome! It was like a movie playing in my head as I read.