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I have definitely learned some of the lessons in here - the ONLY way I can make it through is to trust the one who created me and loves me more than anyone EVER could. Very true words.
You've opened and ended this devotional with wonderful verses. One of the great mysteries, "Sometimes life puts us in places where we don’t want to be or understand why we're there. God knows why…" You've aptly summed this up, It's all about trust.
Very tender and heartfelt. Wise words.
Wonderful devotional, these are most definitely words to live by.
Despite its shortness in length, I loved the message to it! Sometimes the piece might seem short, but when its done, its done and no need to force the issue. Besides, devotions aren't supposed to be hugely long.
What a lovely devotional. You've used some of my favorite scripture, as well. Nicely done.
A nice devotional. A couple of notes - in the fourth paragraph you switch to second person, since the writing is all third, the switch is out of place. Second, the use of the Bible verse is okay in the end, but since the first verse establishes a thesis, the second drives the theme another direction - at least I felt so. The prayer at the end was perfect, albeit a bit long. Revise this and submit it to "Upper Room" or similar publication.