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Absolutely hilarious, and wonderfully written.

The Calvin Klein joke seemed out of place to me.

Love, love, love the afterward, and I'd love to see this performed in a service. Really well done.
Very clever! I enjoyed the host's voice and could really see someone playing that part up a bit. Fun take on the topic.
Oh, this was great! You took a common illustration of patience and made something new out of it. (Hey, sounds kind of like Calvin!) I know you didn't intend for this part to be funny, but I actually found the safety note to be a bit humorous. (That's not a bad thing.) Great job!
How on earth did you think this up??? So zany!! It would take actors who truly appreciate the humor in this to pull it off, and I had those "actors" in my head as I read. : ) My red ink comment is to establish the host's impatience a little more directly in the beginning. I like the way you worked in commentary on instant spirituality.
This would be fun to watch. I love the line about Calvin's middle name. Nicely done.
Yes it was a fun read. As it happens, our pastor taught on that very passage last week, saying it's a good thing all Jesus gave the disciples was on task, to wait, since if he'd given them two they'd have skipped right past task number one. :)
Sorry, re: above: one task not on task.
Very creative idea and good for the topic. Excellent job.
I enjoyed reading this, I could see it bing done. Thanks for some sunshine this morning.
Really nice skit, with a great visual to the message. :)
Too clever! And marvelously entertaining. Great humor throughout - "Mummy" and "babe magnets" are two that come to mind. LOL. Perfectly on topic this week. Love it!
I could totally see the Host character being played as the straight guy who is being funny supposedly without meaning to. Great skit! And I love the message too.
A delightfully funny play. I especially liked the safety note at the end. For some reason it made me laugh. This would be a wonderful play to see acted out on a stage. Good job with this!
Congratulations on a 4th place EC! Phenomenal sketch!
Congratulations on your EC. I like the format...very entertaining. Nice job with the topic.
Congratulations on your 1st place and EC. Great, unique, love it!
Very clever skit - perfect message for the topic, & should be fun to perform. Congrats on the EC.
This was so much fun! Well done, and congrats on your EC!
This is so creative...Congrats on your EC!!