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You have captured in beautiful detail the wonderful story of Michelangelo's patiently painting the chapel ceiling.
Oh, the "Agony and the Ecstasy" captured here very beautifully. I thought it was Michaelangelo when I read the first paragraph. Terrific writing!
A perfect application of "patience"!

I noticed some punctuation errors: missing apostrophes in possessive nouns, and some missing commas.

I love that the mood and tone of your writing really matched the setting of the story.
I especially appreciate how God's "art" overshadows that of one of the greats!! I've always been a bit jealous of my twin who is an artist. But, I feel DaVinci's pain in this piece. Our gifts--art, writing, whatever--aren't always so pleasurable, even when guided by the Holy Spirit.
Because the sculpture of David is one of my all time favorite pieces of art, I was struck by DaVinci's endearing attitude toward his replica of David.
Okay, this is the 3rd extra yellow box I've left this week!! I wrote DaVinci. Michelangelo created the Sistine Chapel painting. Somehow that just kicked into my brain this morning. Anyhow, thanks for a great piece of writing and for letting me take up so much yellow space.
Beautifully "illustrative" of the topic. Well done!