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This was light-hearted fun. I enjoyed reading it.
Very clever. A couple of minor details: "its" instead of "it's" in the first line, and "quiet" instead of "quite" a little farther down.

Love the title and the play on words, and it's true: boys will still be boys no matter how old they are.

Good work.
This fun read was very clever, and entertaining.
Fun and cute. Great title too. I enjoyed this read.
I needed this. Very entertaining. God bless.
The writing on topic was unique, enjoyable and fun.
This was so clever. I really enjoyed it! It is delightfully entertaining! It reminds me of the Disney movies that are funny for kids, but have adult (not bad adult LOL) humor as well. I'll have to read this to my kids.
I was grinning all the way through. A few MINOR errors, but I'm sure you've seen them. The good lines make them disappear. :) I loved this hide&seek story. The title is very creative to boot.
What imagination! Yes, I guess the tiger could have had a cub while on the ark. They were there long enough, even if they had gone in as just a pair. I wonder how many other offspring happened during that time...A very fun article...You MUST be a children's writer to have developed such an active imagination...I envy you. I have to struggle to live in a make-believe world. No contact with children. Guess that's why...Helen