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Lovely story. It's so full of mystery. I liked the ending when they found the Bible and the images of the broken stained glass windows, etc. Very Creative.
Definitely a creative take, with rich characterization. Love the ending.
I don't want to overuse the word "creative" but you are bursting at the seams with it! How come you haven't published several books yet? Or maybe I didn't know which section to look for them in. But this was a great read, I kid you not!
The suspense and the message are both great in this futuristic story.
Great job drawing me in and keeping me engaged in the characters' plight. But, I kept wondering, What's so great about this Aeneas? If these people already know who God is, why don't they know that it's God rather than Aeneas that they should follow? I also wondered if Aeneas was an allusion (a future version of) Aeneas the Pope/writer/and sympathizer of the Scotish poor. Your story intrigued me enough to look it this guy up to try to find a connection, and I am lazy when it comes to references!!! But I am frustrated that I don't have more clues/backgroun info. Heavy on the mystery, but too light on the clues/background for me. I appreciate the challenge!
I love risk taking and brave writing. Great job. I found it very entertaining and refreshing. God bless.
So suspenseful! I had to read faster, well done!
You kept me on the edge of my seat. This was really good and full of sci-fi suspense. I loved it.
Suspenseful, intriguing. A good read all around. Well done.
Marvelous Sci-Fi. I'm ready to read the rest of the book.
This held my interest from start to finish, very unique writing on topic.