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Superb! Simply superb!
This was very enjoyable. It was relaxing andmade me feel happy.
Just lovely and singsongy - wonderful images!
This flowed easily and I love all the word pictures.
Just wonderful!
This is a woderful poem. I really enjoyed it.
This is such a delightful poem that it made me want to sing! Your meter and rhyme are right on target and you involved all of nature in your hide and seek game. This is a keeper for sure! I wish a had a book full of your lovely, lilting poems like this. Great job!
This made me smile. It's delightful. Very well done.
The flow is so smooth and the descriptions so beautiful I read it again, aloud. Loved it!
**smile** I love it! You can see all the flowers and animals playing. Beautiful!
This is a masterpiece. What great examples of nature at play:)
Oh, what fun this is! It made me want to jump up and kick up my heels. So delightful. Bless you for writing it.
THe first entry!!! I am astounded at how swiftly your creative mind works each week!! You can take any theme and develop it with such thoughtful artistry.
Super again. Very anointed you are. Enjoyed it all. God bless.
This was very well done, I agree with it being relaxing. Very nice.
Lovely poetic form and joyful message. Very nice. :)
This is a delightful poem. I love the rhyme and the rhythm, and best of all, I love the way you brought in the different things of nature -- hide and seek, the topic, was well covered by the birds, fishes, bees, and all the little animals. Then you end up with the spiritual aspect: You cannot hide from God...Wonderful!...Helen
Very, very nice. Well done as always.
I like how you've used nature for this topic. Your thoughts are so perfect (as is your meter). Excellent work, Verna!
I always enjoy your poetic entries. Congrats on your placings with this image packed poem.
Hi Verna, first let me thank you for your kind comments on Shadow Man. I love to write poetry, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Nature at Play. I think it's delightful. You have brought a smile to my face!