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Oh, absolutely fascinating and intriguing. I can't imagine having to experience God's Word this way. This was certainly eye-opening. The code is ingenious.
Very creative. It would be a challenge to learn exactly which tones when with each number, but that's a cool way to do a code.
Very nice! Intriguing and fascinating. Great take on the topic with this tale.
Inspiring! So glad you threw this brick.. what a wonderfully creative use of the phone.. and yet it makes us ponder about what we take for granted.. WELL DONE!
Nice job, Allison! A wonderfully creative piece. I noticed a couple of missing letters here and there - maybe a glitch on your keyboard? That happens to me sometimes. :-)
Great entry. Well done!
Great story. We really do have so much to be grateful for here, don't we?
A great reminder of how easy we have it and how much we take for granted. Think I'll go read my Bible now.
This was a well written reminder of how truly blessed we are in our freedom of religion.
What a creative touch! This is so well done that I'm green with envy! Kudos!
What a great reminder of the freedom we have here and how we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters who don't have that freedom. I love the code. Well done.
Wow! Definitely creative here-and thanks for the link at the bottom. I was glad that she was able to talk and worship without being caught. You had the suspense going there and I liked the ending, best. ^_^
What an interesting and unique offering for this week's topic! I really enjoyed this a lot. I am so thankful to have the freedom to study the Bible freely, and I think it is sad that other countries do not possess that freedom.

Great job with this!
Allison, congratulations on your EC. The story is very intriguing.
Congratulations on your EC win! You told a story we all need to know. Thanks!