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Few stories I've ever read here have touched me so deeply as this one. Enough said.
Superb. Stunningly good. I'm speechless.
This was heartwrenching. Incredible writing. Wow.
Heartbreaking story of one caught between two cultures and belonging to neither. We have a friend here whose family member was also taken for education purposes. I don't know many details but I do know she became a Christian and wouldn't allow her children to participate in the kachina worship and spiritism of their clan.
You brought me to tears. Wow. Such a terrible injustice that you have portrayed absolutely, positively masterfully. Wow. This will haunt me.
I love the structure of this with the questions in the middle. You appeal to the heart, the soul, the intellect with this one. Well written and challenging to the reader. I read about the apology in the news, but this brought the story home to me. Well done.
Wow, powerful story. So sad. I know some of the mission schools were more successful in teaching the children of the truth of God while still being kind to them, but so many were cruel like you depict. Well done.
These kinds of attempts at assimilation happened here in the US, too, and we have our history of the Trail of Tears to contend with, also. So sad. Well written and superbly told.
This seems to be universal. Here in Australia, the same thing happened. Aboriginal children ripped from their homes. Such injustice should never have happened. You have done a masterful job in telling the story of just one young girl.
Wow! interesting...but I was a bit confused as to where she was. I realize that there were memories flitting in and out, but I wasn't sure of the setting.
I'd like to know more of this.
What a sad but powerful story and so well told. Kudos!
Oh, I hope she comes back.....
well written and touching.
Awesome writing, but such a sad tale.
Nice job, as usual! Your descriptions are very visual and the heart-wrenching story of this dear girl is just that. Heart-wrenching. I can identify with this very well-thanks for sharing! ^_^
What a powerful story dealing with a very cruel and dark piece of history. This story makes me want to learn more about these true life events. Such good writing...
Congratulations on your EC, Ann. This is very powerful. Excellent writing, as usual. Great take on the topic.
Congratulations on your EC Anne, well done!
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.
This is a beautiful story--beautifully written.
Excellent, as always! I love the way you paint pictures for readers.