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Oh, I absolutely love this. Wonderful writing.
I loved this part. I read it over and over again. "Our home is Your temple, Yhwh, and we are the pillars. Our hearts are the altars; our breath is the incense."
Absolutely beautifully rendered with the wonderful, wonderful language that endears me to these stories (and makes me STRONGLY suspect I know who wrote this!). This is anointed. Wonderful.
I love how you've enriched this familiar story with detail. Beautiful writing!
This is so beautifully written! I loved it!
Such beautiful writing. I love behind the scenes Bible stories, and you told this one expertly. SO well done.
This was beautiful, and so well written. I loved it.
Superlative writing. I was right on the bank with Moses' mother, praying with her. You brought the story vividly to life with your wonderful descriptions.
YOu are a wonderful weaver of words. Your vison of the old story is filled with details one can imagine.

I was a peace while reading this. Your words were soothing.
I hope this one places high, because I loved it! The Hebrew words created an authentic scene, and my heart went out to Moses' mother as I felt her struggle.

Your title fits your writing style as you have "woven a beautiful tapestry" with this piece.
Congrats on 8th place overall, Mid!!! So happy for you!
Extraordinary writing, Mid! Congratulations on certainly deserves to be recognized.
Wow-this is great! I love it-especially with the way the names were done and everything, it just made it more real! Great job-and congratulations! ^_^
Yay,Mid! Doing a happy dance for you. Please don't look, because it is very silly. :)
Congratulations on your EC, Mid. I love the retelling of this story. Excellent writing. Great job with the topic.
Beautiful indeed.
Mid -- Congrats on placing with this beautiful story.
Congratulations, Mid, for the EC on this lovely story!
Wonderful, my friend. I love the Hebrew names of the familiar characters, and the POV from this amazing mother. Thank you for telling HER story, and doing it so well! Congrats on your EC - so good to see you back on the list. :)
A well-deserved win, my dear, wonderful friend. You just get better and better and I've just increased my order of your first book from 200 to 400 copies. **grin** You're the best! (In every way and I luvs you!)
What I liked most about this story was the way in which the mother waiting on God and for His provision. She was obviously taking a risk, and was expecting something to happen, hence asking her daughter to stay and watch. You've shown this very effectively.
This is a wonderful way to bring this bibical story to life and make the characters come alive as people with hopes, fears, great faith and much more.
Whenever someone comments on one of my stories, I look up their profile and read at least one thing they've written. You are so good you're intimidating. Yet like the bible story you've re-told, the life of Moses too is intimidating until you know him as a man who became a saint. Your profile tells a lot about you in a very few words. You're a mom. Your story adds to that you're an outstanding communicator. Excellent.